Sessions are $130 for individuals.  Clients must complete an intake session prior to regular 50-minute sessions.  This session allows me to gather information to form a therapeutic foundation as well as allows me to work on a treatment plan.  Intake sessions cost $175 for individuals.

Costs noted are the self-pay price and if you have insurance for which I am a network provider, your actual cost may vary.

A phone consultation to determine if I am a good fit is free.

I am opening a new location in Smyrna, which will be my home base as of September 1, 2019.  New client appointments are only available in the Smyrna office as I make the transition from Green Hills to Smyrna.  Thanks for your patience during my transition.

My current availability, effective as of 7/31/19 is as follows:

Monday (Green Hills Location):  1pm – 7:00pm
Tuesday (Green Hills Location) : 1pm – 7pm
Wednesday (Smyrna Location): Unavailable
Thursdays (Smyrna Location) : 1pm – 7:30pm
Friday (Smyrna Location):  2pm-5pm
Saturday:  Reserved for Intensive Patient Sessions (3+ hours) and are by therapist approval only
Sunday: Unavailable

Night appointments tend to be highly desirable for most people.  There may be an extended wait for an appointment for those who require evening hours due to high demand.  If I do not have current nighttime availability, I can place you on a waitlist for night appointments or help refer you to another provider who may offer them.


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