Adult Testing and Assessment: What You Can Expect

The assessment process is a lengthy one, but it also offers a comprehensive amount of information in a relatively short period of time. There are many reasons adults choose to be tested and, for many of them, they find that it is an investment into their future self. With that said, many of them are unsure what to expect from the process. In an adult assessment, the following are standard steps taken in an assessment process, though each process is individualized so there may be steps added or removed to better suit you as an individual:

  • The client calls our office at (615) 298-2329 and requests the specific type of testing they seek. They may be asked for some specifics as to their situation to get a better idea if we can provide what they are looking for and to get a foundation for their testing.
  • An examiner returns their call to get additional specifics about their case as well as a better understanding of the facets of what they are seeking. This also allows the examiner to get an idea of how quickly the client wants to be seen and how quickly the report needs to be completed. Most reports can be completed in four to five weeks, though it depends on what the client needs and the availability of examiners.
  • The examiner takes a couple of business days to go over client needs, with a supervisor if required by state law, and to get a quote together for the client. As our site does not accept insurance, clients that wish to use insurance will need to use this time to contact their insurance companies to find out if they allow for out-of-network providers. Though we do not handle insurance, we will provide a receipt which may be submitted to insurance companies and that some insurance companies may choose to reimburse to the client for testing purposes.
  • The examiner who has been assigned the case contacts the client with the quote and if the client decides to proceed with testing they will then schedule a date and time that is convenient to both of them. Testing generally starts at 9am, as most testing lasts a full business day. Some clients fatigue earlier than that. If this is the case, it may be beneficial to schedule two 9am start times rather than a 9am-5pm day. This will be something to discuss with the examiner during this call.
  • On the day of testing, clients are asked to pay at the time of testing. When they arrive, they will be asked to fill out paperwork and do a clinical interview with their examiner. Clients may want to bring snacks, water and layer their clothing to help adjust for personal temperature. It is important that the client is comfortable during the testing process. Clients will be allowed breaks throughout the day and for lunch.
  • After the testing, the examiner will score the results and if further testing is needed, the client will be notified. This is generally rare and will be optional for the client, but there are times when unexpected results offer insight into the presenting issue and more testing would be helpful.
  • Once testing is complete, it takes approximately three to four weeks for the report to be complete. At this time, the client will be notified and may pick up their report at the office. They are welcome to read it and if they have questions that are brief (less than 15 minutes), they are welcome to call and speak to their examiner regarding those questions. If they would like to schedule a follow-up appointment to further discuss their questions or concerns regarding their report or to schedule further testing, they will need to schedule a consultation appointment with their examiner at their regular appointment fee. Calling (615) 298-2329 and letting the office manager know that they need a follow up consultation for a report can do this.

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